Fall is for Horses...and Reading!

Life happens, and it's been quite a summer. First, my amazing niece got married and I was a co-officiant with her pastor. I was delighted to be in that role and even as delighted to be part of what I've said was a High Church Baptist wedding. 

Then, a month later, my father died...unexpectedly but his health had not been, well, healthy, for a few months. His presence with me and my sister and his grandchildren can best be described as when we were convenient for him. After he divorced my mother and very quickly remarried, he decided to his a hard reset button, and his life before that (including his daughters) was at best an annoying reminder of the first forty years of his life. My sister and I keep saying that one day the whole thing will be the kind of stories we laugh until our sides hurt, but right now it's just messy.

Then I did the Camino de Santiago...by HORSEBACK! It truly was the pilgrimage I didn't know I needed. To be taken on the Way with a horse whose name may or may not have been Mala Riena (as my friend Grace, who instigated this adventure says, we never saw her name in writing) was one of the holiest experiences I've had. 

Which is to say I have lots of things swirling around, seasoning in my soul, that will eventually find their way onto a page. I'm working on a new book about the holiness of stuff and how things are tangible representations of holiness. Yeah, we all get that with pretty things like Icons and crosses, but what about the holiness of scars, of a handful of dirt, or of the photo of someone you'd just as soon burn than look at?

Yes, that kind of holiness.

Until then, here's an ask:  if you haven't yet read Horses Speak of God or God, Grace, and Horses to pick up a copy, recommend it to a friend, or share this on your social media and encourage others to read. Small publishers really do depend on word of mouth (or word of blog) to sell books. I get that we all have complicated feelings about Amazon, and their Prime Days are coming up, so if you're checking out the deals on Insta-Pots (why are they always on sale?!?), pick up a few books from your favorite writers. Or better yet, go to your local bookstore and place an order!

You can click on the photos and go directly to the Amazon site. Yes, I have figured out how to do that...after writing books for over a decade. 

I still think Tik Tok is a bridge too far. 


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