Write What You Don't Know

I've heard that bit of writing wisdom...write what you know.

And yes, there's truth in that. I never need to write a book about physics.

I also think some of the best writing that is waiting to be born onto the page is that which surprises us with its vulnerability and its insight that we ourselves didn't expect when we started the essay.

If you're interested in learning how to write what you don't know in the realm of non-fiction writing, I'll be presenting a workshop this Saturday, August 18th, at Brier Books in Lexington, Kentucky. You can register here or call the store and reserve a spot. I'll be addressing a broad spectrum of non-fiction writing, from personal journaling to essays for publication to articles for newsletters.

Bring whatever tools you need to write (laptop, journal, paper and pen) because we'll be doing some in-workshop writing.

Join me at Brier Books and let's learn what we don't know.


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