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Over the Great Fifty Days of Easter, I'll be blogging at 50 Days of Fabulous, an online ministry of Forward Movement. This year, we'll be reading through the New Testament book of The Acts of the Apostles with others using the readings of the Good Book Club. To get a list of the readings, visit the Good Book Club. The posts are for individual use as part of personal devotions and are also suitable for groups - Bible study groups or prayer groups, for example. Each Wednesday or Thursday, we'll share a video or image related to the week's readings that can also be used to further reflection and discussion. 
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Today's post at 50days.org
We get a glimpse of the common life of the early Christians regarding property in this week’s reading of Acts. We read, “…and no one claimed private ownership of any possessions, but everything they owned was held in common.” The consequence of this community ownership is found a few verses later – that there was not a needy person among them.
One of the most well-presevered Shaker settlements in America, Pleasant Hill, is not far from my home. From 1805 to 1910, the third largest Shaker community resided on thousands of acres in Kentucky.  At Pleasant Hill, dozens of buildings, including Shaker residences, the worship space, and Shaker workplaces, have been beautifully preserved and are opened for modern-day pilgrims to wander and rest.
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