Times Have Changed...

Sexual misconduct and abuse is not an occasional event that happens randomly and to people who "deserve" it. This traumatic and sinful act occurs daily, hourly even. Since my first book, I have received emails and letters, mainly from women, who shared their stories of sexual abuse and misconduct within the community of the church. Almost all of them noted that their abusers continue to be active in the church as an ordained or lay leader.

Now - finally and hopefully - we are reaching a time in our culture where these experiences are not excused as boys being boys or misunderstandings between two people. I have hope, and I also realize old patterns are hard to break.

But old patterns can be changed.

I do have hope that more and more women and men and people will share their stories. I hope that more people, especially men, will call out abusive behaviors in others and recognize these behaviors in themselves. I hope those in power, especially those in power of the church, will look deeply at their complicity in a system of gender bias that leads to abuse.

I also realize that in the midst of this change, I will retire the name Dirty Sexy Ministry. When I started Dirty Sexy Ministry almost a decade ago, the name of the blog was a bit shocking and edgy. The name got attention. People engaged, read, and shared posts. We were able to use this forum to speak some truths of a life of faith with humor, authenticity, and vulnerability.

But times have changed, and what was at one time edgy diminishes the very real issue of sexual abuse and harassment that pervades our society and our church.

The name changes, but the blog remains. It will be under my name, LaurieMBrock. This change will take place in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you to all who have been a part of this journey. More is most certainly on the way. I look forward to the release of my new book Horses Speak of God in the spring and details about release events and speaking engagements will be on this blog.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to tell the true stories, particularly those stories of people who are mistreated and abused in ways that diminishes their sexuality.


GodsStarStudent said…
We've become a hyper-sensitive, easily-offended society, where people are afraid to live authentically and love boldly. We've lost an appreciation for satire and we don't want the blunt truth. Everyone goes home with a prize and learns nothing. We play on padded surfaces, no one every gets bruised, no one ever heals. Amen. I imagine the response will be your decision, your blog, your reality.Selah.
Thank you for your words and the wisdom behind them; I’ve taken much comfort from your writing over the years. I especially appreciate your ability to be flexible, to know when something is no longer appropriate or at the very least no longer effective. Words matter, and as their meaning adapts, we must be ready to adapt with them. Thank you for leading by example.
Heidi Haverkamp said…
This makes a lot of sense, Laurie. Thanks for sharing your thought process.
Colleen said…
I'm very glad you are changing the name of your blog. I first came across your writings a few years ago and thought that you are a good writer with a thoughtful message and how the title of your blog dumbed down the fine content

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