Fifty Days of Fabulous!

Lent is 40 Sundays. The Church also believes one God + one Son + one Holy Spirit = One, so math has never been the Church's strong suit.

But joy and resurrection following grief and death is the Church's strong suit. So now we are into the beautiful season of Easter, which, in most churches that follow the liturgical calendar, is fifty days.

Fifty fabulous days.

Many of us keep Lent by giving up something we enjoy; by re-committing ourselves to prayer, to study, or to some other spiritual practice that brings us closer to God; or by some other Lenten discipline.

Then comes Easter. We celebrate on Easter Sunday, sing Alleluia!, and ignore fish for a while on Fridays.

But what else?

How do we live into Easter? How do we allow resurrection to become real in us, in our lives? Do we simply greet the Resurrected Jesus, then return to our normal operating procedures, or will we allow Christ to grow in our lives in new ways?

How will you practice Easter?

How will you nurture the relationships in your life that may have been healed through confession and reconciliation?

How will you proclaim God's love to others in thought, word, and deed?

How will you experience newness of life in your own life, letting go of that which has died?

One way to join others in practicing Easter is to check out Fifty Days of Fabulous by Forward Movement. Full and fair disclosure - it's an online devotion that I write for, but I think it's one way we nurture the growth of Christ in our selves and souls. Each day has a respond section with questions, ideas, things to do - ways to practice Easter.

Yes, Lent is over, but Easter has just begun.

Let's celebrate for 50 fabulous days.


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