A New Look

Pentecost seemed to be a good day to unveil the new look. Six years and hundreds of posts later, DirtySexyMinistry has moved into a new place. What started as a way for me to express some random thoughts and have a creative outlet evolved into a place to discuss deeper issues of a faith journey and this life of ordained ministry.

When the Holy Spirit came upon the followers of Christ, they began speaking and understanding different languages. And onlookers thought they were drunk. That's a hilariously honest part and an important part of the story - that when we begin speaking the authentic language of faith, there are those who will try to dismiss what is being spoken. When we hear people speak a truth that makes us uncomfortable or awkward, we dismiss.

We have certain languages we speak well in our communities of faith. We like the languages of joy and hope. We're okay with the languages and words of sadness, but not entirely comfortable. We even like the language of change...as long as it doesn't involve loss (or at least the loss of something we love).  The harder languages to speak are those of mercy, grief, despair, even forgiveness. Because they challenge us, and when we speak them from the depth of our souls, they change us.

This blog has enabled me to speak different languages aloud - languages of grief, joy, even despair and hope. And many of you have understood these holy languages. For that I am thankful.

So, with a new look (thank you to the social media mogul and web site designer extraordinaire Meredith Gould), we continue on our journey together. Readers can like the DirtySexyMinistry Facebook page, where I post random images and articles that I find. Readers can also follow me on Twitter, which is its own fun. Pinterest is on its way, as well.

Thank you for being part of the journey. Here's to speaking our languages of spirit and emotion together.


Meredith Gould said…
Grateful for the privilege and complete pleasure of working with you on this re-design. Looking forward to reading more of your fantastic stuff.
Unknown said…
I love the new look, but loved the old as well... Thank you for being you ...and sharing with us all.
Chloe said…
This is beautiful, and I love the new layout! Thank you so much for everything you do! :)
Unknown said…
I love the new look. More later, when the dust in the desert settles a bit. (and good work meredith) Best to Nina.

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