It's Not You...

My friend Tim Schenck did this on his blog while he was in the middle of Lent Madness. If it's worth doing, it's worth stealing.

It's been a busy spring. First, the Polar Vortex made sure that it can be hot enough for my skin to fall off my bones, and I'm still not complaining about the heat. Then the season of Epiphany lasted for-flipping-ever. Then Lent came around, and all that is Lent Madness. I'm so fortunate to be involved in this edgy, award-winning (no, really, we got an award) way to engage people in the lives of the saints and competitive Christianity, but it takes work to research the lives of the saints and compile these word-count restricted essays and also have all that is Lent in the parish going on.

Then Holy Week comes, which is its own experience. Then I got to keynote a wonderful conference for the United Methodist Clergy Women in Alabama. And I'm the brains (such as they are) behind 50 Days of Fabulous (which, if you haven't checked out, please do), so there's that. Easter, by the way, is a full 50 days, and we do a reflection for every. single. one.

I have vacation coming up, a couple more speaking gigs, and between now and sometime, the blog is getting a design overhaul.

So that's where I've been. Oh, and a new book. So you'll be seeing some test chapters on here. Hope you don't mind. Your feedback is important. The working title is Horse is God Spelled Forward. No, I don't know what it means, but it intrigued me when a friend suggested it. By and large, the title of a book changes about half a dozen times before the editor says, "Well, thanks for your thoughts, but here's what we're going with."

It's not you. It's me and my crazy schedule. I'll be back to posting regularly soon.


Sassafras said…
We are with you, wherever you've been, are, or will be. Good to be along for the journey, in whatever way. Your journey is a blessed one.
Fr. Interim said…
Always something to look forward to! Thank you.

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