From Mary Koppel

Dear Friends,
Lately, I have been looking through my past posts on Dirty Sexy Ministry. I can tell you where I wrote each of my entries and even what inspired them that particular day. I find myself grimacing at my early writing, smiling or giggling at some topics, and even tearing up when I remember why I wrote what I did.
What I thought was a humorous escape at first became so much more to me. Writing Dirty Sexy Ministry helped me develop as a writer, explore my Christian faith deeply, ask myself the hard questions, and heal from painful times in my life and ministry. Dirty Sexy Ministry also exposed me to a new community of people who also earnestly did the same with their faith journeys. I am so thankful.
You might have noticed that I have not posted for months. During this time, I have transitioned into a new faith community and witnessed my daughter growing into a delightful little person. During this season in my life, I have decided to step back from Dirty Sexy Ministry. I will continue writing through and other opportunities, and I look forward to being a guest contributor to Dirty Sexy Ministry at some time in the future.  
I have loved contributing to the blog. I have loved sharing my thoughts and ideas and hearing from all of you! Most importantly, I have loved writing with my dear friend Laurie. I am so glad we collaborated for many years on Dirty Sexy Ministry. Thank you so much for reading what I wrote and the support I have felt through the years.
May God bless you and keep reading Dirty Sexy Ministry!
Mary Koppel


Anonymous said…
Many blessings on and prayers for all that is changing and growing for you, Rev. Koppel! I'm delighted to have stumbled on this corner of the blogosphere, even though it's been relatively recently. Good luck in your new community.

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