Prayers for a hard day

 Dear Lord. I mean, seriously, dear Lord. Are you kidding me? First of all, hello. I hope all is well with you. Okay, now I am going to get into it.  Are you ready? Here goes:


This week is pretty bad. Some awful things have happened. People have died and there are other people who have been hurt. Help! We really need help lots of help.


That being said, uh, why? I just thought I would ask. I am pretty sure that I will not get a satisfactory answer before I die. I have some theories. I tell myself some things that are kind of comforting, but I know that the answer is somehow beyond what I can understand with my mind. Sometimes I can feel you comforting and holding me. Sometimes I am not sure where you are hiding or if you are even real. So, yeah, anyway.


Also, what is with all this itty bitty annoying stuff? I know people keep saying don’t sweat the small stuff, but these things aren’t small to me. Sometimes I am not sure that I am doing a good job with my child. Sometimes I worry that I am not doing what you want me to do. There are a lot of little things I think about, and worry about and care about. I know that you know it. I need some reassurance that it will all be okay, somehow.  So, help, again, if you have time.


Finally, help me be who you are forming me to be. I don’t always want to love people. I am not always merciful. Help me be better. Help me remember that I want to be better. I can only be that if you are with me. So, don’t ever leave me, and don’t ever leave me alone because I need you.


I need you today on this frustrating day. I need you every day. I love you. Amen


randall031 said…
"Sometimes I am not sure where you are hiding or if you are even real."

Thanks for this. It's good to know that even priests pray these kinds of prayers.

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