Fifty Days of Fabulous

So, now that Holy Week is in the books and clergy and church musicians are in that post-Holy Week/Easter Sunday coma, you might be thinking, well, what's after Easter?

Oh, you forgot Easter was a full fifty days and not just one big, pretty Sunday?

Because if I was invited to a holy Lent for 40 days, you can bet your sweet Easter bunny tail I'm celebrating the Resurrection for 50 days.

And we invite you to do the same.  For all the devotions we do for Lent, for all the prayerful preparation and giving up in Lent, why do we suddenly drop it all for Easter?

We invite you to celebrate the Fifty Fabulous Days.  And as a way to start, please join us and our fabulous friends who are offering their reflections for the Great Season of Easter at  Hop on over, sign up to receive the emails, read the reflection, and respond to them.  Give some time each day to live into the Resurrection.

And, oh, Alleluia! Christ is Risen!


Anonymous said…
Okay, but I'm NOT wearing the hat with the flowers for a full six weeks.

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