Lately, I have been thinking about prayer. In particular, I have been thinking about what I pray, when I pray. I wish that I could say that I always pull out my prayer book, and pray the Daily Office or choose my prayers from that back section in the book. Sometimes I do, but often I do not.

Nope. My attempt at eloquent prayers are often thwarted. Instead, when someone asks me to keep him or her in my prayers, I usually pray: "God, please let so and so be okay."

That is it. I pray that you will be okay. I pray that I will be okay. Nothing fancy about that, and yet, I never realized just how powerful and meaningful it is to be "okay."

You never realize how important it is to be okay until you are not okay. When our health, relationships, or world begins to crumble, all we really want is for the destruction to stop and to be just as we were. Unfortunately, once destruction begins, we will never be the same, but we can be okay.

Maybe this prayer is that I want my dear loved ones to be sustained. I want them to endure this current hardship, weather this storm and continue to float. I guess that I realize that I do not need for my life to be perfect, but I need the comfort that this current difficulty will pass and I will pass through it.

Okay does not sound like much, but it means the whole world. Okay means that no matter what happens, you are with me, comforting me, leading me home to you. So, God, please let all those who I love be okay. Let me be okay too. Love you. Amen.


Unknown said…
I like your choice of “destruction” and “okay". Hadn’t thought of those before. Talking with a suicide attempt survivor, she asked that I pray that her pain would stop. I couldn’t. I could have prayed that she made it through the "destruction” of her old way of life though. Could have prayed that she be Okay, sitting with God through the pain still to come. Good job, Mtr LB

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