Lent Madness

It's almost Lent Madness time!  Lent Madness is the brainchild the Rev. Tim Schenck and is an excellent Lenten Devotion that combines the saints of the church with the competitiveness of sports. Well, and if we're honest, the competitiveness of Christianity - go to a clergy conference and listen to cardinal rectors talk about how great they are.  You begin to wonder why they don't rewrite the Gospels to include their names in the list of the first apostles - but that's another post.

In 2012, Tim partnered with his long-time nemesis the Rev. Scott Gun, also known as Father Forward Movement, to expand Lent Madness.  It's so famous that Sports Illustrated mentioned it, but not famous enough for Christian magazines to do a feature on it.  Perhaps the Christian media should go to an SEC football game and note the engagement of fans and realize that industry recognised the genius of Lent Madness.  Just another aside.  

Lent Madness incorporates Celebrity Bloggers (of which one-half of Dirty Sexy Ministry is one), using the term "celebrity" as loosely as the secular world uses celebrity.  These bloggers share information about the 32 saints in the initial bracket.  People read the bios and vote.  As saints advance, bloggers talk smack, snark, and sensationalism.  All for your holy pious edification and to get you to vote for their saint.  Winners advance, losers don't.  It's that easy.  And at the end, the winning saint is awarded the coveted Golden Halo.

Looking for a way to learn more about the saints of the Church?  Looking for a Lenten discipline that doesn't include giving up chocolate?  Look no further.  Lent Madness is for you.  Check out more about Lent Madness at the official site.  You can practice your voting on February 2nd with the final play-in round before Lent, order an official bracket for your parish, order a copy of the Calendar of Saints e-book, and learn more about all the people involved with Lent Madness.


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