This Intermission in Blog Posts...

While we are working on rewrites, due in a couple of weeks (GASP!), we thought we'd introduce our faithful readers to two fun blogs making the Episcopal rounds.

10 Things that Annoy Me is an opportunity created by the always-chipper and happy, happy, joy, joy personality, The Rev. Tim Schenck.  The lists are hilarious, and include annoyances from clergy, laity, dogs, cats, horses, a rabbit, and two ferrets.  You can submit your own.  To read those things that annoy, click here.

And lest we mire ourselves in the negative, however funny our annoyances may be, The Rev. Bob Solon, Jr. offer 10 Things that Delight Me.  From good coffee to good liturgy, enjoy reading those things that make us smile.  As with those things that annoy, you can offer you list of things that delight for all to read.

Once rewrites are done, we will offer our list of 10 Something or another.  Suggestions?


Anonymous said…
You ladies must have REALLY run out of things to blog about.
revlauriebrock said…
We just know when we've been outclassed by the likes of you.

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