What we all would really like to hear

I have compiled a list of phrases I would love to hear. I believe that many of us would love to hear them from time to time. So I hope this is what you would like to hear, and that you hear it from the voice you would like to hear it from!

1. Wow! You really look beautiful today. You should always not wear make-up. Did you really just wake up? Unbelieveable!

2. I am proud of you. I am proud of what you have accomplished in your life, but most importantly, I am proud of who you are as a person. I am proud you are in my life.

3. I like you.

4. I love you.

5. I love listening to you. I could listen to you read the phone book. You are interesting.

6. Have you lost more weight? Whatever trick you are using is really working.

7. You cooking is delicious, but what is even nicer is that you cooked something for me. Your cooking shows that you care about me.

8. I trust you because you have great instincts.

9. I would like to help you with that hard task that you are trying to accomplish, and you asked for help.

10. Thank you.

What would you like to hear?


Chantel said…
The sound of you moving in next door to me.
Anonymous said…
Go ahead and write your papers and I'll see you next week. You can still trust that I'll be here for you.
Liz Hinds said…
All of the above.

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