Growing (or groaning) Up

I don't know about you, but growing up just snuck up on me. I was happily minding my own business, wearing my snakeskin mini skirt, eating Doritos like they were going out of style, and then BAM! I became a grown up. I would find myself talking about how important going to bed early was. I marvelled at how wonderful it was to get so much done before 10 AM. My beloved junk food gave me stomach aches, and leafy greens and fiber became really, really important to me.

Yep, somewhere between graduating from college and now, it began to happen. I have a muffin top and a permanent crease between my eyes. Paying my taxes and bills on time, with cash left over, makes me really proud of myself. A good meal no longer means that the restaurant has unlimited refills on Dr. Pepper.

Of course, this does not mean that I no longer have fun, but I think, as a grown up, I am discovering what true fun and enjoyment really is. I like walking, talking for hours with friends over dinner or coffee. I love reading those Iris Johannsen novels. I also love the self confidence that has come.

Not a self confidence built on blind ego, but experiences of success and failure. It is amazing how your confidence grows when you can achieve something. I remember moments when I realized I was actually capable of leading a group, speaking in front of people, and helping others. These moments generally came after realizing what I was not capable of (that list is confidential). Those failures and heartbreaks helped me along, teaching me what I needed to do to cope with those shortcomings, and when you call an accountant or plumber or doctor...

So, when did you know that you grew up?


Jo Royal said…
Growing up! I really am not a fan of the concept - however, sadly I cannot avoid it! I quite often ponder maturity and what it really means - and then I realise I have been serious for far too long and go out and do something fun - just to even things up a little!! :)


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