"Shake Your Bottle"

I really love KC and the Sunshine Band. The tunes are catchy, and you can sing along with total gusto. Lately, I have been singing one tune in particular, "Shake Your Booty," but I sing it with different words. My version is "Shake Your Bottle." As you might imagine, a song like this deserves excellent dance moves, and I have them!

So, if you are at my house in the morning around 6:30 AM and almost 12 months old, I am rocking your world. I am belting out my version of the KC and the Sunshine Band classic. I am shake, shake, shaking my bottle, and a little girl is cracking up with laughter. Sometimes I even change up my lyrics with "shake, shake, shake your rattle." I really should have been a songwriter, but I digress.

You do funny things for love, and love does funny things for you. I always thought I was a little funny, but now I am finally hilarious. I am finally interesting. Who knew what love could do for you?

My horizons are expanding. My talents are growing- particularly when it comes to my fabulous lyrics and amazing dance moves. But most importantly, I believe that my heart is growing. Loving makes room for love.

So this is obvious. I know, I know. Perhaps this is my "Duh" moment, but I am discovering that love expands and makes room. It does not make anything easier. In fact, love makes things harder. Loving is harder because it makes you vulnerable. It opens you up.

Being open is dangerous. When you are open, people can and do hurt you. When you are open, circumstances can and do hurt you. Loving is dangerous and often unpredictable. Just because you love it does not mean that you can change or control outcomes or people. Love seems to be more about giving up that desire for control. Love is just love.

Love is just love, and yet, look at what we do for love. We fight battles. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. We risk rejection and humiliation. We follow. We run into burning buildings, even when we are afraid. We die. And sometimes we sing: "Shake, shake, shake! Shake, shake, shake! Shake your bottle! Shake your bottle!"


June Butler said…
Lovely post, especially your words about love.

Where DO you get your energy at 6:30 in the morning?
Unknown said…
Love it!

When we're wiggling our 2 1/2 year old into his pants, we sing the same song, except it's "Shake, shake, shake! Shake my Ollie!" And he, of course, sings along.

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