Sermon for Holy Week

Last Sunday, during my children's sermon, this occurred:

Me:     "So what happens this week?"

Kids:   "Easter!"

Me:     "What happens before Easter"

Kids:  (After some prodding and suggestions).  "Jesus dies."

There were several starts and stops here, as we talked about people being mad a Jesus because of what he said, that we killed Jesus, with one boy quickly saying, "Not me."  We've all done or seen children's sermons.  It's the homelic equivalant to riding a wild horse.  You just hang on...

But we eventually got here:

Me:     "So what did Jesus say?"

Kids:    "To love each other."

Me:     "And people killed Jesus because of what he said."

Kids:   "That's stupid."

Out of the mouths of the little one.  Here's to our journey of stupidity over the next three holy days.  And to a God who loves us anyway.


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