Things we wish weren't true

1. Chocolate ice cream, no matter what your emotional state when eating it, has calories. Lots of them. Now, this isn't to say that polishing off a pint after a terrible day while soaking in the tub isn't a worthwhile endeavor. Just know that if you do this once a week, you'll be buying a new wardrobe for reasons that don't include, "Because my old pants are just too big!"

2. The qualities you really, really detest in another person are the things about yourself you don't like, either. I'm not talking about the things that just annoy us in another person. I'm talking about the things that cause us to lose our cool, that make us hot under the collar. We humans are masters of denial, especially about the less-than-stellar qualities of ourselves (and if you're thinking you don't have any less-than-stellar qualities, put down the ice cream and call a therapist). They might not be exact matches, but they are an invitation from God to explore that darker aspect of ourselves.

3. If you hear someone repeatedly telling you qualities of themselves that they are, usually in conversational directions that have nothing to do with personality traits, you can bet your bottom dollar they are the exact opposite. For example, if, while during a conversation about the current fashion issues of women's clerical wear, a priest suddenly says what a caring nurturer she is, well, you probably don't want to call her for pastoral conversation.

4. No one loses weight without diet and exercise. Sucks, I know.

5. Some people will love you, regardless. Some people will not like you, regardless. You will love some people, and you will not like others. God says love them all. Sucks, I know.

6. Spandex is never a good fashion choice, unless it's the gym, and even then, be discerning.

7. You will make mistakes. You will be wrong. Failure is never permanent, but when you figure out you've made a mistake, don't wallow in it. Reflect, discern, and regroup. We all had bad perms or dated the wrong guy (or girl) or broke up with the right guy (or girl). But God is a God of resurrection. When it's time, crawl out of the tomb and go forward.

8. We cannot run other people's lives. The most pervasive acts of violence are unsolicited advice. Most of the time, when people tell you their troubles, they simply want you to listen, not to tell them how to fix what's hurting them. Trust that if people want advice, they will ask. Otherwise, just listen, hold hands, or give them tissues when they cry.

9. When a woman is depressed, she needs to figure out why she is angry and express it; when a man is angry, he needs to find out why he is hurt and cry. (I read this in a book, so it's not original, but certainly relevant).

10. Settling for less than what brings you joy will almost always cost you something, so consider well before settling for something (or someone).


Bartski said…
Loved this post! Thanks for a smile and something I needed to hear during this particularly trying week.
Susanne Iles said…
Another brilliant post..thank you so much for spending the time you do on your blog. Always a treasure trove. :)
Pastor Joelle said…
Ah but spandex in an undergarment is a very good thing.
This was the most well spent sermon procrastination reading time I have had in months! Thanks for making me laugh until I cried
FrSean said…
Frank Allan, retired bishop of Atlanta used to say, "You're never as bad as your worst enemy thinks you are or as good as your biggest fan thinks you are." I think it applies to #5.
Vic Mansfield said…
Oh God. Did you have to write it all down? My denial was working so well. . . . . for a few minutes, anyway.

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