Stuff I do not put up with anymore

I only wear underwear that is comfortable. I do not wear underwear that rides up. I just do not care that skinny models in magazines try to convince me to buy things that aren't comfortable. Clothes should be comfortable. I will not put up with otherwise!

I can only deal in the truth. What I mean is that, I no longer believe that I am preserving your feelings by lying to you. I certainly do not think anyone should be rude, but I strive to always be honest. I appreciate honesty especially when it keeps me from smiling all day long with spinach in my teeth. I realize that I do not have time to sift through platitudes, white lies, uncomfortable smiles to get to the truth.

I finally reject regret. That goes with telling the truth. You tell the truth by living it. I try to never hold back. I love fiercely and foolishly. I blunder, and I realize that I will continue until I die to blunder. If I avoid blunders I can be safe, but I can also miss out on all the mystery and wonder that this world has to offer. I cannot live with regret. I need to know that I have actually said my piece. I need to know that I acted courageously throughout my life when I come before the Great Judgment Seat of Christ.

I do not have time anymore for relationship games, double speak, or toying with another’s emotions. Relationships are central to life. I cannot attempt to control another through manipulation or emotional terrorism. I do not need a slave. I need a friend. I need to know that I can trust you, and you can trust me. I am all for flirting, but not if the motivation is unclear. Flirting is for showing affection. I am trying to live my life more honestly. Frankly, I just do not have time for you to toy with my emotions. Tell me the truth: Do you love me? Do you want to be friends? Are you unsure but you like spending time together? I can deal with that, but I cannot deal with mixed messages and no communication.

Finally, I do not put up with uncomfortable shoes. I have people to see. I need to be able to walk. I do not want squished toes. It makes me grimace and unable to focus on what I need to focus on. I also will not put up with ugly shoes. I know that comfort and fashion meet but it is on a very expensive street. I am willing to go there.

So, what do you not put up with anymore?


~ Anna G ~ said…
Thank you so much for this post. I plan on blogging on the topic this afternoon/evening.
Cathy said…
hi Laurie and Mary - I really want more detail on your shoes ... (by which I mean, if you've found a brand that is comfortable AND lets you walk freely AND looks good, what is it??? I'd so love to know)
revlauriebrock said…
One brand that I really like is Antonio Melani- I think that it is the Dillard's brand of shoes. I literally walked in and said I need a comfortable pair of brown pumps. The sales lady pointed me to the cutest little brown shoes. They were comfortable and cute! I hope this helps you on your comfortable and cute shoe journey. God bless!
c said…
You two are awesome! Thanks for everything you've written here...I'm definitely adding this blog to my favorites list ;-) --a 30 year old woman minister

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